Arcwise AI introduces an innovative extension that aims to enhance the productivity and capabilities of Google Sheets users. By combining the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT-4, it offers a range of specialized tools to streamline spreadsheet management tasks.

Arcwise AI
Arcwise AI 2

Within Google Sheets, users can benefit from features such as effortless data cleaning, formula assistance, sheet explanations, and web scraping. With a user base of over 10,000 professionals from diverse industries, Arcwise AI is highly praised for its user-friendly interface and significant time-saving capabilities.

This AI-driven assistant seamlessly integrates into your workflow as a free Chrome extension, empowering you to improve your data literacy and simplify routine tasks. It has received glowing five-star reviews for its intuitive, keyboard-driven command system.

What is Arcwise AI?

One of the most compelling features of Arcwise AI is its ability to provide context-aware formula suggestions. Often, these suggestions are so precise that the formula can be inferred with no input at all.

To further support users, Arcwise AI also links relevant StackOverflow posts for additional learning and clarification. This feature drastically reduces the time spent on formula creation and troubleshooting, allowing users to focus more on data analysis and decision-making.

Arcwise AI is a copilot tool for Google Sheets that is powered by GPT technology. It helps users with understanding, cleaning, and processing data in Sheets immediately by utilizing text commands.

The AI tool is integrated into Sheets, enabling users to chat with the spreadsheet and ask questions such as “What does this sheet do?” or “What are the calculation interdependencies in A10:D20?” The tool provides AI-generated, context-aware formula recommendations and links to relevant StackOverflow posts.

Arcwise AI also assists in data cleaning, scraping, and other functionalities such as reformatting date columns, normalizing messy addresses, summarizing responses, and scraping content from browser tabs into tables.

This makes it easier for users to extract useful insights from their data without spending extended periods on manual cleaning and organizing. The tool provides a Chrome extension and is free to use.

The company also has a blog where users can get more insights and engage with the Arcwise community. The privacy policy and terms and conditions sections are available, ensuring users’ privacy and security. Overall, Arcwise AI provides an innovative and user-friendly way for individuals to work with data in Google Sheets.

Top Features of Arcwise AI:

  1. Data Cleaning: Easily clean your data directly within Google Sheets.
  2. Formula Assistance: Receive guidance on formulas to streamline your spreadsheet tasks.
  3. Sheet Explanation: Gain insights and explanations for your spreadsheet data with AI assistance.
  4. Web Scraping: Effortlessly extract data from the web and import it into your Google Sheets.
  5. User-Friendly: Enjoy a keyboard-driven approach for issuing AI commands in Google Sheets.

How Does Arcwise Work?

Arcwise is a spreadsheet add-on that connects directly to your company’s data sources like Snowflake or Looker.

  • Install the add-on within Google Sheets.
  • Connect your spreadsheet to your Snowflake or Looker instance.
  • Pull unlimited rows of data directly into your spreadsheet.
  • Build pivot tables, and charts, and analyze your warehouse data.
  • Formulas are automatically converted to SQL queries.

We’re trusted by industry leaders like NZXT, saving hours every week on spreadsheet report building and significantly boosting profitability. Arcwise generates insights and charts instantly from your data, no CSV imports or formulas required.

Drop the results into your spreadsheet, refine the analysis, build reports, and update everything with a single click. Your work is always linked to the data source. Generate weekly business reviews in minutes – then drill down to uncover where data points came from.

Use Arcwise to build weekly business reviews, revenue reconciliation processes, demand forecasts, lead scoring, inventory management, and so much more.

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