Beehiiv AI transforms the process of publishing newsletters by integrating advanced artificial intelligence into its platform. With a primary focus on assisting newsletter operators in improving their content creation, beehiiv AI introduces a unique collection of dynamic AI tools seamlessly integrated within its text editor.

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What is Beehiiv AI?

Users who have subscribed to the Scale and Enterprise plans can now benefit from the revolutionary capabilities of AI. With the inclusion of an AI Writing Assistant, these users can effectively overcome writer’s block and effortlessly generate fresh ideas.

The AI Text Tools enhance your writing through sentence completion, grammar checks, and tonal adjustments. Meanwhile, the AI Image Tool transforms basic text descriptions into captivating visuals. Moreover, the AI Translator overcomes language obstacles by effortlessly translating content into multiple popular languages. Thanks to beehiiv AI, newsletter creators can now write faster, connect with wider audiences, and deliver more compelling content.

Beehiiv AI Top Features:

  • AI Writing Assistant: Facilitates content creation by offering suggestions for ideas, presenting tonal alternatives, and expediting the writing process.
  • AI Text Tools: Improves text quality through automatic sentence completion, grammar and spelling corrections, text length modifications, and tone adjustments.
  • AI Image Tool: Creates personalized images based on textual descriptions, eliminating the necessity for intricate graphic design software.
  • AI Translator: Provides swift translation of content into various languages, enabling global audience reach.
  • Integration with Text Editor: The AI tools are seamlessly integrated into Beehiiv’s text editor, ensuring a smooth content creation experience.

Beehiiv AI Pricing Module:

  1. LAUNCH: 30-day free trial of Scale features, then free forever
  2. GROW: $49 /month
  3. SCALE: $99 /month

Note: Pricing Changing Visit the Official website to know the actual price.

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