ChatHN presents a fresh approach to interacting with Hacker News using natural language dialogues. Fueled by the collaboration between OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK, ChatHN is a publicly available AI chatbot created to simplify your engagement with the Hacker News API. Whether you seek a quick overview of the top stories or wish to delve into a summary of conversations surrounding the most popular topics, ChatHN has got you covered. The user-friendly interface not only displays the top five stories in a user-friendly markdown table but also provides insights by summarizing comments related to the main news story.

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For developers keen on exploring the technical aspects or those interested in contributing, the project’s repository is openly accessible, allowing you to deploy your customized version of the chatbot. Embracing the advancements in AI-driven conversations, ChatHN serves as a symbol of progress in the realm of news aggregation and discourse.

what is ChatHN?

The prevailing sentiment among the comments on the latest leading story on Hacker News, titled “Google conceals a covert browser within the settings,” encompasses a blend of inquisitiveness, apprehension, and fond recollection. Several users find themselves captivated by the intricate technical aspects and the investigative approach highlighted in a particular comment.

On the other hand, certain individuals express their apprehensions regarding potential security vulnerabilities and the implications for parental or school controls. Additionally, some users indulge in nostalgic reminiscence, drawing parallels to past workarounds or sharing their personal experiences with circumventing restrictions. On the whole, the sentiment can be described as a fusion of curiosity, concern, and nostalgia.

ChatHN is a natural language chatbot that is open-source and allows users to interact with Hacker News. It utilizes OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK to enable users to ask questions about the top stories on Hacker News and receive answers in a natural language format.

In addition to this, users can also request summaries of the comments in the top Hacker News story and obtain information about the current top story. To access ChatHN, users can either deploy the tool or view the repository on GitHub. This powerful tool is built with OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK, making it efficient and effective in its natural language processing capabilities for interacting with Hacker News.

By leveraging the Hacker News API, ChatHN provides users with relevant information based on their queries. Users have the ability to customize their search results using various columns such as title, link, score, and comments.

The search results are presented in a markdown table format, making it easy for users to access and interpret the information. ChatHN is particularly useful for individuals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest news in technology and computer science.

With its natural language capabilities, ChatHN enhances the user experience by providing easy understanding and access to the information users need. It serves as an excellent example of how OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK can be utilized to create powerful and efficient tools that revolutionize the way we interact with information.

Introducing ChatHN, the innovative open-source chatbot that enhances your experience with Hacker News. By incorporating OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK, ChatHN enables users to interact with Hacker News in a more natural and intuitive way.

ChatHN, powered by AI, has recently made its debut on the Hacker News Feed. This free and open-source AI chatbot is developed using OpenAI Functions and the Vercel AI SDK for engaging conversations with the Hacker News API. By following the guidelines provided at, individuals can effortlessly deploy their own version of ChatHN with just a single click.

ChatHN serves as a platform designed to enable conversational interactions with Hacker News (HN). Its functionalities encompass fetching the most popular articles, a specific article, or an article along with comments from Hacker News. Additionally, ChatHN can summarize the top story and comments on Hacker News. The primary goal of ChatHN is to streamline conversational access to Hacker News content without the need for direct utilization of the Hacker News website or API.

Top Features:

  1. Open-Source Design: Easily accessible and modifiable source code for community collaboration.
  2. Powered by OpenAI and Vercel: Utilizes advanced OpenAI Functions and the Vercel AI SDK for robust performance.
  3. Natural Language Interaction: Engage with Hacker News content through simple conversational language.
  4. Live Updates on Top Stories: Quickly access the top 5 trending stories on Hacker News.
  5. Comments Summarization: Get concise summaries of discussions on the most trending Hacker News story.

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