ChatHN presents a fresh approach to interacting with Hacker News using natural language dialogues. Fueled by the collaboration between OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK, ChatHN is a publicly available AI chatbot created to simplify your engagement with the Hacker News API.

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Whether you seek a quick overview of the top stories or wish to delve into a summary of conversations surrounding the latest trending topics, ChatHN has got you covered. This user-friendly platform not only showcases the top five stories in a user-friendly markdown table layout but also provides insights by condensing comments from the primary news article.

What is ChatHN?

ChatHN is a chatbot powered by open-source technology that facilitates interactions with Hacker News through the integration of OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK. This innovative tool enables users to inquire about the top stories on Hacker News and receive responses conversationally.

In addition to querying about the top stories, users can also request summaries of comments on the leading Hacker News story and gather details about the current top story. Accessing ChatHN is straightforward as users can either deploy the tool or explore the repository on GitHub.

Developed with OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK, ChatHN is a robust tool that harnesses natural language processing to engage with Hacker News effectively.

By utilizing the Hacker News API, ChatHN delivers pertinent information to users based on their inquiries. Users have the flexibility to tailor their search results by selecting columns such as title, link, score, and comments.

The search results are presented in a markdown table format, simplifying the process for users to view and comprehend the information. ChatHN serves as a valuable resource for individuals keen on staying informed about the latest developments in technology and computer science.

Through its user-friendly interface and natural language capabilities, ChatHN streamlines access to information for users. This tool exemplifies the potential of OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK in creating efficient and impactful solutions that revolutionize the interaction with data.

For developers keen on the technical aspects or individuals looking to contribute, the project’s repository is openly accessible, allowing you to deploy your customized version of the chatbot. Embracing the future of AI-driven discussions, ChatHN serves as a symbol of innovation in the realm of news aggregation and discourse.

Top Features:

  1. Open-Source Design: Easily accessible and modifiable source code for community collaboration.
  2. Powered by OpenAI and Vercel: Utilizes advanced OpenAI Functions and the Vercel AI SDK for robust performance.
  3. Natural Language Interaction: Engage with Hacker News content through simple conversational language.
  4. Live Updates on Top Stories: Quickly access the top 5 trending stories on Hacker News.
  5. Comments Summarization: Get concise summaries of discussions on the most trending Hacker News story.

Pros and Cons


  • Open-source
  • Interacts with Hacker News
  • Natural language processing
  • Queries top Hacker News stories
  • Provides answers in natural language
  • Can request comment summaries
  • Information about the current top story
  • User-friendly deployment
  • Efficient
  • Powerful
  • Utilizes Hacker News API
  • Customizable search results
  • Results in markdown tables
  • Access to the latest tech news
  • Improves user experience
  • Ease of understanding information
  • Transforms interaction with information
  • Direct chat with Hacker News
  • Accessibility through GitHub
  • Markdown format for readability
  • Summarization of top comments
  • Latest story update
  • Build and deploy your version


  • Limited to Hacker News
  • Results in markdown only
  • No mobile app
  • Requires deployment
  • Focuses on top stories only
  • Lacks sentiment analysis
  • Cannot ask complex queries
  • No personalization features
  • Available in English only

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