Contlo.AI is a comprehensive AI marketing platform that offers a range of features. By utilizing a conversational UI, you can effortlessly handle all your marketing requirements through a single chat interface, which is customized to your brand’s intelligence.

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What is Contlo.AI?

Contlo.AI is an AI-powered marketing tool that makes it easy to manage campaigns and get insights. It enables users to create subject lines, headers, and CTAs, create text copies for SMS and Email, and schedule Emails & SMS campaigns.

It also provides a “WHAT YOU TYPE IS WHAT YOU GET” approach to audience management using natural language. Additionally, Contlo.AI helps users to get insights with just a prompt, manage paid ads on FB & Google, create SEO-optimized blogs and marketing copies, and more.

With Contlo.AI, marketers can design and send an email campaign in just 5 minutes, and the AI model gets smarter the more you use it. It’s like ChatGPT but for marketers.

Here are just a few of the capabilities that it provides:

  1. Streamlined Email and SMS Campaigns: With the assistance of our AI, you can effortlessly manage end-to-end campaign processes and A/B testing, while enjoying a stress-free experience.
  2. Simplified Audience Management: Adopt a unique “what you type is what you get” approach to create customer segments in plain English. This simplifies the process of managing your target audience.
  3. In-depth Insights at Your Fingertips: Gain valuable insights by simply using a prompt. Understand your audience like never before and predict winning creatives, channels, and more. No need for complicated analytics tools.
  4. Efficient Social Media Management: Take control of your advertising and social media presence. From designing creatives for multiple platforms to performance marketing, you can manage everything within a single chat.
  5. SEO-Optimized Content Creation: Craft SEO-optimized blogs and marketing copies effortlessly. Create long-form content and publish it directly on your CMS, saving you time and effort.

Contlo AI offers these features and many more, making it the ultimate solution for all your AI marketing needs.

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