Coursebox is a user-friendly AI course creator equipped with a convenient drag-and-drop editor. Within seconds, you can generate a preliminary course structure and content, allowing you to make necessary modifications and include any omitted sections.

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Moreover, courses can be published as private, public, or paid, providing flexibility in sharing your knowledge. Additionally, you have the option to design a personalized branded certificate for your learners, enhancing their learning experience.

What is Coursebox?

Coursebox is a learning management system (LMS) and course creation platform that utilizes artificial intelligence. By leveraging AI technology, Coursebox enables course creators to efficiently develop courses. With just a few simple inputs, Coursebox generates a course structure and even drafts the course content, including quizzes.

This content can then be edited or expanded upon using the drag-and-drop course editor. Whether you want to distribute courses privately to your staff or sell them to a wider audience, Coursebox provides the flexibility to meet your needs.

Additionally, Coursebox allows you to send branded certificates to your learners, enhancing their learning experience.

With this tool, users can generate a draft course structure and content in seconds, saving valuable time and effort. The AI Course Creator also provides options to engage learners through the inclusion of quizzes and videos, making the course more interactive and engaging.

One of the key advantages of this tool is its ability to deliver mobile-friendly e-learning, catering to the preferences of the user’s community.

Research indicates that people spend more time on mobile devices, are more engaged, and prefer using mobile apps. With the AI Course Creator, users can create courses that are compatible with mobile devices, ensuring a seamless learning experience for their audience.

Furthermore, the AI Course Creator offers the option to publish courses as private or public, and users can even sell their courses or export them to a Learning Management System (LMS) of their choice.

This flexibility allows for easy distribution and monetization of the courses created. In summary, the AI Course Creator is a tool that simplifies the process of course creation by utilizing artificial intelligence.

It offers time-saving features, a user-friendly interface, mobile-friendly delivery, and options for monetization and distribution.

Top Features:

  1. Generate your draft course structure and content in seconds with AI
  2. Easy to use drag and drop builder
  3. Engage your learners with quizzes and videos

Coursebox provides custom branded certificates that can be easily set up to automatically be issued to anyone who completes your course. Reporting is available to help you track the number of learners, course completions, and more. Coursebox is a great tool for organizations selling courses, training managers, educators, and anyone who needs to upskill others in a certain area.

The main features of the tool include generating a draft course structure and content in seconds, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, and the ability to engage learners with quizzes and videos.

Coursebox helps to deliver mobile-friendly e-learning and also offers features to captivate students and create engaging content. Users can build interactive visual courses containing videos and quizzes, which can help motivate students and make the e-learning experience exciting.

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