DeepMotion is an advanced AI firm that focuses on animating digital humans. They provide two groundbreaking solutions: Animate 3D, enabling users to utilize AI to capture motion from any video, and MotionGPT, a robust tool that converts text into dynamic animations. DeepMotion’s technology empowers professionals and creators to effortlessly produce lifelike and captivating animations for gaming, virtual reality, and various other applications.

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Their products have garnered enthusiastic acclaim for their swiftness, user-friendliness, and exceptional quality, establishing them as indispensable resources for individuals seeking motion capture or animation capabilities.

At DeepMotion, our goal is to develop the leading AI-generated 3D animation platform that enables the creation and utilization of digital human motion by providing accessible and user-friendly technology for a wide range of creators, innovators, and industries. We simplify the process of detecting and synthesizing human motion to achieve realistic movement in digital characters, empowering creators to infuse vitality into their virtual creations.

Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, DeepMotion is composed of a team with diverse backgrounds from renowned organizations such as Roblox, Blizzard, Disney, Microsoft, and Ubisoft. The company remains at the forefront of motion intelligence innovation, bridging the divide between physical and digital motion for virtual characters.

what is DeepMotion?

DeepMotion is a cutting-edge tool that utilizes AI technology for motion capture and real-time body tracking, allowing users to produce 3D animations directly from videos on any web browser.

The platform includes four distinct products – Animate 3D, Real-Time Body Tracking, Virtual Reality Tracking, and Motion Brain – each tailored to specific animation needs.

Animate 3D creates 3D animations from videos, Real-Time Body Tracking captures and reconstructs 3D full body motion, Virtual Reality Tracking offers immersive full-body avatars with minimal trackers, and Motion Brain brings digital characters to life.

DeepMotion’s advanced technology, driven by AI and markerless motion capture, positions it as a top-tier solution for creating and animating digital characters on the web and mobile platforms.

The team behind DeepMotion consists of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in renowned companies such as Blizzard, Pixar, and Disney, dedicated to advancing the field of Motion Intelligence.

Through partnerships with industry leaders like Samsung, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Intel, DeepMotion ensures optimized performance and enhanced user experience. Users can explore the tool for free or reach out to the sales team for further details.

DeepMotion has enhanced its AI motion capture technology to a higher standard. Animate 3D transforms videos into 3D animations, offering exceptional markerless body tracking with free freemium accounts. In addition to full-body motion capture from a single RGB video, the introduction of the Custom Character feature in late 2020 allowed users to utilize their own 3D characters on the platform for easy previewing and automatic animation retargeting.

In collaboration with Wolf3D, a company specializing in personal 3D avatars, the Animate 3D Custom Character feature has been upgraded with the inclusion of the Ready Player Me avatar generator in the latest V2.5 update. Users now have the ability to create their own distinct avatars directly through the web service. This new feature can be found in the ‘3D Models’ section of all accounts within the Animate 3D portal — it’s time to start creating!

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