Dola AI serves as an advanced AI-driven calendar assistant that effortlessly handles both personal and group schedules through various modes of communication such as text, voice commands, images, and natural language interpretation. With the power of GPT-4, this intuitive assistant simplifies the task of organizing your schedule, accommodating voice and image inputs, and ensuring a stress-free experience in managing your calendar.

Dola AI
Dola AI 2

By seamlessly integrating with your existing Google and Apple calendar systems, Dola provides a smooth integration process while keeping your agenda on track with intelligent reminders and coordination in group chats. Whether you’re preparing for an important report or making time for social activities, Dola efficiently manages it all with just a few simple commands.

In the ever-changing world of personal organization and time management, Dola stands out as the ultimate AI agent, ready to assist you in achieving a more organized life through conversation.

What is Dola AI?

Dola serves as an AI-driven assistant that effectively manages both personal and group calendars. By converting voice inputs, texts, pictures, and intricate contexts into planned events, Dola simplifies the process of schedule management.

Through conversing with Dola, users can seamlessly and intuitively add, modify, or cancel events. Dola possesses the ability to comprehend and respond to natural language with utmost precision.

This eliminates the need for manual form-filling or recollection of past calendar events, enabling efficient planning. Additionally, Dola provides suggestions and draft outlines for users’ tasks, which can be customized or updated according to their requirements.

The tool supports the simultaneous addition of multiple events and incorporates time reasoning features to optimize schedule management. Dola offers users a clear overview of their upcoming events and facilitates AI-based queries through natural language searches, ensuring a stress-free experience in managing their schedules.

Dola also simplifies the process of canceling single or multiple calendar events. Furthermore, it possesses the capability to comprehend and set calendar events from images, texts, or voice messages.

To assist users in staying organized and not missing any important events, Dola sends timely alerts and reminders. Moreover, the tool excels in handling group chats, as it can remind groups and instantly update the group calendar with any changes made by any member.

Furthermore, Dola can be synchronized with Google and Apple calendars, providing effective schedule management across various devices.

Dola AI Features:

  1. Effortless Multi-Modal Interaction: Easily manage calendar events by sending chats, images, or voice messages to Dola. Your inputs are transformed into organized plans and alerts.
  2. AI-Powered Personalized Alerts: Receive personalized reminders in your messaging app, with the option to enhance notifications by syncing with Google or iOS calendars.
  3. Simplify Complex Schedules: Tackle intricate calendar tasks with simple chats.
  4. No Need for Downloads: Instantly convert chats into schedules by integrating Dola directly within iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Line.
  5. Group Chat Assistant: Seamlessly incorporate Dola into your Telegram and Line group chats for efficient event management, allowing easy addition, editing, cancellation, or search of events.
  6. Seamless Sync: Ensure your calendar alerts are synchronized across all devices by linking Dola with your Google or iOS calendar.
  7. Free Access: Enjoy the beta version of Dola without any cost or hidden fees.

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