Oliv AI the innovative AI-driven sales assistant designed to revolutionize your interactions with potential clients and customers. Oliv enhances every step of the sales process by providing personalized and effective assistance.

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From assisting you in preparing for meetings with engaging icebreakers and valuable insights about your contacts to identifying crucial customer pain points and objections during meetings, Oliv ensures you are well-prepared and equipped to address concerns on the spot.

Moreover, Oliv continues to support you even after the meeting ends by crafting follow-up emails that are tailored to the context of your conversation. This ensures that your prospects remain engaged and more likely to respond positively.

Oliv goes beyond mere customer interaction support by seamlessly integrating with your current CRM systems. It automatically updates properties with valuable data obtained from interactions, reducing the time spent on manual data entry and allowing more time for closing deals.

What is Oliv AI?

Oliv AI keeps you informed about the progress of deals, captures buyer intent, and streamlines the preparation and note-taking tasks associated with sales meetings. By directly syncing important meeting details to your CRM and handling administrative duties, Oliv ensures that your evenings are free from administrative burdens.

Discover the potential of Oliv, a reliable and compliant platform that is highly regarded by top organizations, to embrace the future of sales. It goes beyond being a mere tool; it serves as your ally in elevating sales performance and effortlessly attaining goals, enabling you to prioritize what truly counts – cultivating connections and finalizing agreements.

Top Features:

  • Efficient Summaries: Eliminate confusion after meetings. Oliv provides clear recaps and actionable steps to prevent any important details from being overlooked.
  • Intelligent Lead Qualification: Oliv removes the uncertainty in lead qualification by automatically applying sales frameworks like MEDDIC, ensuring that you engage with the right individuals on the right topics.
  • Comprehensive Sales Analytics: Obtain valuable insights into sales representatives’ activities and strategies to support decision-making processes.
  • Timely Notifications: Stay informed about the progress of deals and buyer intentions to promptly capitalize on sales opportunities.
  • Automated Pre-Meeting Tasks: Utilize AI for pre-meeting research and note-taking, allowing sales representatives to concentrate on the discussion.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Keep your CRM up-to-date with notes and tasks following each sales call.
  • Data Security: Uphold data protection standards by complying with SOC II, GDPR, and CCPA regulations.
  • Instant Meeting Preparation: Bid farewell to last-minute preparations. Oliv ensures thorough preparation for every meeting by providing detailed research on your contacts in advance.

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