OpenTools There are numerous third-party invoicing plugins accessible, each implementing its numbering schemes with unique settings. Additionally, each plugin stores invoice numbers for an order differently, making it impossible to switch to another invoicing plugin without loosing all invoice numbers for existing orders.

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Open Tools is a company that focuses on developing extensions for e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, VirtueMart, and Magento. With our extensive experience of over four years in e-commerce systems, more than a decade in web development, and even longer in desktop software development, we are able to deliver the precise expertise that our customers anticipate.

What is OpenTools?

OpenTools offers a comprehensive and user-friendly directory of high-quality AI tools that cater to the needs of both businesses and individuals. The OpenTools AI Tools Directory provides a wide range of innovative artificial intelligence solutions, including productivity enhancements, workflow optimizations, and competitive edge acquisitions.

This directory serves as a valuable resource for users, helping them choose the most suitable AI-driven technologies to transform and streamline their operations. Subscribers can also benefit from daily updates on AI news and developments through the directory’s newsletter, ensuring they stay informed and ahead in their respective fields.

Our portfolio comprises of a variety of plugins, both free and paid, all of which are distributed under free and open source licenses. This means that our plugins can be utilized on all of your online stores without any additional limitations.

Key Features:

  1. Curated AI Tools List: A carefully selected compilation of top AI tools for various applications.
  2. Comprehensive Guide: In-depth information to assist in selecting the right AI-driven technology.
  3. Daily Newsletter: Stay updated with the latest AI trends and tools through a daily newsletter.
  4. Diverse Categories: Tools are categorized based on specific functions and industries.
  5. User Engagement: Opportunities to join a community of subscribers who are enthusiastic about AI advancements.

 Use Cases

  • Dedicated numbering plugins like our OpenTools Advanced Ordernumbers plugin, or the WooCommerce Sequential Ordernumbers Pro plugin
  • Interfacing plugins that connect WooCommerce to an external bookkeeping system, which would make sure invoices for in-shop purchases and online purchases use the same sequential invoice numbering, while WooCommerce still creates invoices for online purchases.
  • Payment providers that generate their invoice numbers, but don’t issue a PDF invoice and leave that up to the webshop.

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