Robin AI the assistance of Robin AI, you can effortlessly and efficiently connect with potential customers, carry out investigations, and manage initial communication – all without relying on a human sales representative.

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What is Robin AI?

Robin AI serves as an automated sales solution leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist companies in streamlining the initial stages of the sales process. This platform is capable of composing and dispatching emails, customizing content according to lead data, and formulating responses to objections.

Additionally, it offers seamless integration with prominent CRMs, SMS, chat, and voice services, enabling users to conduct focused outreach, run email campaigns, enhance customer retention, and generate leads at the top of the sales funnel.

Robin AI stands at the forefront of legal AI technology. Our AI contract copilot is utilized by numerous businesses worldwide to leverage the capabilities of generative AI for legal purposes. We enable legal teams and attorneys to streamline contract processes effortlessly.

We envision a future where legal procedures keep pace with the rapid pace of business. Our supporters include Google, Episode 1, Plural, and Forward Partners.

Robin AI was established in 2019 by Richard Robinson, a lawyer at Clifford Chance, and James Clough, a machine learning research scientist at Imperial College. The company utilizes the capabilities of generative AI to automate and expedite the process of creating and negotiating contracts, as well as extracting information from entire contract repositories through simple search functions.

By incorporating Robin AI’s legal copilot, which is available as a Microsoft Word add-in, businesses’ legal teams can reduce the time required for contract reviews by 85%. This enables them to operate more efficiently, save costs, and allocate their time more strategically.

Robin AI prioritizes quality and precision in its approach. Earlier this year, it became one of Anthropic’s launch partners for the introduction of their Large Language Model (LLM) named Claude. Robin AI is the only partner utilizing this technology specifically for legal work.

Claude 2.1 offers the advantage of accommodating much longer prompts compared to other LLMs, allowing for the analysis of lengthy and intricate legal documents. Anthropic is committed to developing advanced AI models that are both secure and dependable.

Robin AI caters to a wide range of clients, spanning from large multinational corporations to SMEs and scale-ups. As an illustration, our complimentary self-service software aids SMEs in expediting contract processing at a reduced cost – while larger enterprises can leverage more sophisticated AI functionalities for efficient editing and querying of high-volume contracts, complemented by specialized assistance from our 45 in-house legal experts.

Established in 2019 by Richard Robinson, a former lawyer at Clifford Chance, and James Clough, a former machine learning research scientist at KCL and Imperial College, Robin AI boasts a team of over 100 full-time employees, encompassing legal professionals and software engineers.

He mentions that they anticipate reaching a headcount of 30 individuals by the middle of the upcoming year. The growth of their team will be done reasonably and responsibly, and if they secure additional capital, they will expedite the hiring process.

Richardson notes that they are experiencing success and gaining momentum in the private equity fund sector. Therefore, they plan to focus more on this area. Additionally, they are engaged in numerous discussions with in-house legal teams within large corporations.

Recruiting the appropriate salespeople poses a significant challenge for him. He emphasizes the necessity of individuals who possess the ability to sell to lawyers, as it requires a specific skill set. Overall, the talent shortage is the primary obstacle in executing their plans.

He highlights that a substantial amount of VC funding has been allocated to Europe in the past 18 months, with a significant portion being spent on human resources. As a result, there is fierce competition for top salespeople, marketing teams, and engineers.

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