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Welcome to the Air France Complete AI Package v5 for FS2004 and FSX, brought to you by World of AI. This package includes models created by Craig Ritchie and repaints by Brian Mitchel, Federico Permutti, Denis Schranz, Michael Pearson, Alexis Solvay, and Boback Shahsafdari. The flightplans for the summer of 2009 were designed by Yohann Baptiste from the Alpha-India Group.

It is important to note that you will need the World of AI Installer (WOAINS24.zip) in order to utilize this package effectively. This release is simply a replacement for the previously corrupted package resulting from the AVSIM hack, and no other changes have been made.

This download includes AI aircraft and flight plan packages for use with the World of AI installer (woains24.zip). These packages are suitable for both FSX and FS2004. It enhances your flight simulation experience by providing AI traffic based on real-world data.

The installer is designed to work with Microsoft FSX and FS2004. Kindly refer to the instructions provided in the readme file. This update enables users to install the packages in a different folder than the simobjects/airplanes folder in FSX. Additionally, this new folder will automatically be included in your scenery.cfg file. Any previously installed WoA packages in the old folder will be transferred to the new location.

Last October, President Joe Biden issued an executive order outlining guidelines for various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to promote research, regulations, and policies related to current and emerging technologies.

Generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) has become a popular topic in numerous industries, especially since the introduction of the large language model ChatGPT for public use in November 2022. Some libraries are taking on a unique role in navigating this new technological landscape as the applications and impacts of AI continue to evolve.

Nick Tanzi, a library technology consultant, author, and assistant director of South Huntington Public Library in Huntington Station, New York, reassures that librarians are not becoming obsolete due to AI. He emphasizes that librarians are information professionals, and the information environment has become more complex.

Critics of AI have raised concerns about the models’ tendency to perpetuate and magnify biases present in the data they are trained on. Issues such as misinformation, privacy, plagiarism, and copyright are particularly relevant to academic and school libraries. How can users ensure that the output produced by AI tools is legal, ethical, and accurate?

Elissa Malespina, a teacher-librarian at Union (N.J.) High School and author of the AI School Librarians Newsletter, emphasizes the importance of understanding the source of data used by AI tools. She highlights the significance of being an informed user in the realm of AI technology.

American Libraries interviewed five technology experts, educators, and librarians who are at the forefront of utilizing generative AI in their institutions. They delve into the applications of AI in libraries, ethical concerns that have arisen, and strategies for librarians to educate their communities on navigating these powerful technologies.

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